Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Start

Hi my name is S.C. I'm 13, live in Wales and I'm thinking of running away I like parts of my life but most of my life is fucked up to start with. The most of it is because of little bitches who mess with my head and make my feel like nothing but I did start some of it about a yare ago I slapped one of the most liked and hated girl in my school. To defend myself she's such a bitch and one of the girls that has no friends and the friends she has..... well she acts like she's better then them. I'm so happy I have no friends like that all my friends are kind of mad to start with my best friends are B.G.(girl)  and L.D.(girl)  and the rest of the girls are my friends but B and L are different but a week or 2 my group of friends have been at war and the alive have gone in 3 groups it started because one of my ex-friend B.W. (girl) was a stupid and fell for one of my closes friend D.O. (boy) so they went out for a month and he fucked it up when he started going out with my personal enemy she move school 2 months before they were going out. So C.LL. and S.P (boys) his best friends asked him the day we all herd did he do it and he said no.....BIG SHOCKER !!!!!!! this all happened 6 months ago and last week stuff came back up but it wasn't all on topic one day S said to L that he made all of it up and all hell broke out. So thanks to S and L fight I had to pick a group, group 1, 2 or 3. In group 1 we have S.P and the people who believe him, group 2 who believe what L.D. and group 3 the group for people who want to pick the both of them because the people in the two groups. So that's my life so far. Can anyone tell me what to do about running away ??? I want to go but I want to go. I need help anyone.